Baker St. Associates is an investigative firm that specializes in background investigations. The founders of Bullzi Security have been providing professional security consulting services to Baker St. clients since 2003. Additionally, Bullzi Security utilizes Baker St. Associates for its own background investigations.


SecuSolutions Ltd., was incorporated in Calgary Canada in December of 2007. SecuSolutions Ltd is a specialized security company founded by Jim Kootnekoff who previously founded the number two ranked security consulting company in Tokyo Japan in 1999.

SecuSolutions Ltd provides security products, services and solutions to small, medium and large enterprises throughout North America and SE Asia. Members of SecuSolutions Ltd team have conducted high level network and web application security audits, security consulting, security e-learning education, security software development, security conferences and seminars since August of 2000. Some of our key members have been performing security services in North America for the past 28 years.


The Herjavec Group is an information security company with an expert team of highly dedicated security specialists, supported by strategic and emerging technology partners, who are laser focused on information security for their enterprise customers.