Facility Design

The facility specialist at Bullzi Security can conduct a comprehensive review of any facility’s physical characteristics and security requirements. Whether Bullzi Security is working with a new or existing facility, our security program involves examining the architecture to identify and resolve issues. Bullzi Security expertly consults with architectural teams as the building is being planned or makes recommendations for the enhancement of existing architectural features. Our experienced team of professionals offers the following security services including:

  • A detailed facility survey document
  • Evaluation of existing security countermeasures
  • Identification of security deficiencies and hazards
  • Specific recommendations for practical, cost-efficient changes

Bullzi Security can help design, engineer and implement a client’s security environment – from conception to construction and beyond. For the protection of physical structures, Bullzi Security applies its expertise to any domestic or international facility, existing or new, including corporate offices, factories and project sites. Bullzi Security’ planning, design and structural implementations address multiple levels of protection and opportunities for response. Bullzi Security provides objective recommendations that serve the client’s best interests. Key points examined are:

  • architectural elements such as barriers, locks, doors and areas of refuge
  • operational measures such as tenant and visitor access control, security staffing, policies and procedures, material handling, deliveries, storage, vehicular and pedestrian access and other building management issues
  • technical security systems such as automated access control, alarm monitoring, closed circuit television, communications, asset tracking and parking controls

Security Product Implementation

Bullzi Security offers a wide array of security products. When properly designed and configured, these security countermeasures allow your organization to achieve a higher level of security. Some of the security products that Bullzi Security offers are as follows:

  • Security ID Systems
  • Closed-circuit Television Camera (CCTV)
  • Covert Surveillance Systems
  • Security Barriers and Guard Houses
  • Access Control Systems (i.e. Biometrics, Card Access Systems, Door Locks, etc.)
  • Alarm Systems
  • Security Lighting
  • Metal and Explosive Detectors
  • Mantraps and Turnstiles

Risk Management

Bullzi Security works with our clients to help develop and maintain a competitive edge by managing risk at a strategic and tactical level. Our teams determine the critical risks you face, develop recommendations for reducing your risk exposure, and identify your opportunities for growth and expansion. Bullzi Security has developed and implemented a variety of protective programs that effectively safeguard both people and property.

By assessing and mitigating risk, an organization can benefit from a decrease in monetary losses, unnecessary legal exposure and lower insurance premiums. Bullzi Security is well positioned to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and help our clients understand their level of exposure. Once a secure baseline is established, Bullzi Security helps our clients maintain this baseline via follow-up audits.