As with any true security offering, our focus is on implementing a comprehensive security strategy that deals with today’s threats. To reduce risk, businesses must be aware and be prepared to respond to today’s threats. Through its consulting services and integrated delivery systems, Bullzi Security helps to minimize the threats to its clients’ physical infrastructure, property and its personnel. Bullzi Security brings a unique set of skills and experience to ensure that its clients receive the most comprehensive, cost-effective security solutions available. As an end-to-end physical and information security solutions provider, Bullzi Security offers its clients the following products and services:

Bullzi Security takes a strategic approach to business protection looking at people, processes, management and technology with the focus on critical assets.


In July 2002, the Office of Homeland Security released the National Strategy for Homeland Security, which set out strategic objectives to (in order of priority):

  • Prevent terrorists attacks within the United States;
  • Reduce America’s vulnerability to terrorism; and
  • Minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur

Unless we act to prevent it, a new wave of terrorism, potentially involving the world’s most destructive weapons, looms in America’s future. It is a challenge as formidable as ever faced by our Nation. We need to be prepared. We need to protect our organizations, its people and its property. We must be ready to prevent, detect and respond!

As stated in the National Strategy for Homeland Security, “Our Free Society Is Inherently Vulnerable”, but there are numerous ways in which to build safeguards to minimum this vulnerability. Bullzi Security offers a variety of products and services to help minimize the threat. From guards to gates, we have the solutions.